IT and data legislation

MDP also focuses on the rapidly developing information society and the legal challenges that come with it.

In this respect, MDP can rely on the expertise of lawyers with many years of experience in guiding and advising on the legal challenges posed by the ever-increasing digitalisation of the private, public and corporate sectors. These are 'newer' branches of law that are in full development and which need to be followed clolsely. Moreover, these are matters that often attract special media and public attention and where the potential for sanctions is not insignificant.

MDP can also fully assist you in this area, both in terms of contract work, consultancy, acquisitions in the IT sector, assistance with administrative authorities and dispute resolution.

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Recent projects

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating a wide range of IT-related contracts (software development, cloud computing, SLAs, IT outsourcing, T&C for IT services, and many more)
  • Various acquisitions and investments in the IT sector
  • Advice on all legal aspects relating to the purchase and sale of IT services
  • Privacy audit, strategy and drafting of all necessary documents
  • Elaboration of privacy compliance governance programmes
  • Advice on data, security and the drafting of relevant contracts and other documents
  • Advice on digital initiatives (AI, IoT, big data, etc.)
  • Online consumer and commercial law, such as conducting website audits and advising on setting up transactional platforms